Disaster in Dating

14 Dec

Last week a friend of mine from DC was down visiting his family.  We decided to catch a women’s college basketball game. Sounds like fun – especially on a frigid Sunday, right?  Sure!  the game was great.  But I met the bartender.

He seemed decent enough, and in the course of conversation between me, my friend and the bartender I learned that he had a college degree (+1pt from the other guys I’ve met), a full-time job (+3pts) and just bartended to make some extra cash (+1pt).  Is a Redskins fan (-1pt…c’mon, I’m an Eagles fan) but he seemed funny, polite and not-an-ass (+5pts).

He asked for my number and my friend said to me, ‘either you give him your number or I will’.  So I gave him my number and we ended up meeting up to watch the Monday Night Football game.  Flirty text messages but nothing that crossed ‘that’ line.  You know ‘that’ line, don’t you girls?  The one that takes a guy from ‘cool and flirty’ to ‘skeevy and disgusting’?  Yeah – he didn’t cross it. 

So far, so good.

Monday night was fun, I learned that he was a couple of years younger than me but the entire time that we were hanging out, I just felt like something was off.  It was after rehashing it with one of my best guy friends that I realized that this guy never asked me a personal question and kept trying to flirt like we were still in college. 

Monday night came to a close and vague plans were made to see one another at a later date. 

Still good to go.

And then he texted me on Thursday night…and Friday night.

Thursday night I got the following…after a discussion about an upcoming stressful day “I could really use a stress reliever”…a continuation of the texting with a request for clarification rendered this reply “was just hoping that things would ‘open up’ for me”.  I didn’t respond.

Friday night / Saturday morning (when I was asleep because I had a 10K race on Saturday morning), I received the following “I had such a great day, you should be here to finish it off’. 

Say what?  I mean, I’m sorry, I must have misread you, but WTF did you just say?

That might have worked when we were in college.  maybe.  Perhaps if I’d had too much to drink and wasn’t with my friends. 

But seriously?  I’m 30.  I’m not your booty call. And if you’re hanging out with women on whom those lines work, I really don’t want to be associated with you.

I demand better.


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