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Demanding Attention – Wordless Wednesday

26 Jan

There’s been a certain dog in a certain house who’s been rather bossy lately.

It started with this:

Hi. I'm here. Recognize.

And this – this wasn’t bad.  It was actually kind of cute and snuggly to have this guy come lay down in your lap and love you and you love him.

But then things changed.  Apparently I was slacking off at the attention-paying job.  He escalated his demands to the point where they could not be ignored. 

This happened last night and my brother-in-law graciously took a picture:

I will make it so you can't see anything but me


Yes, that’s an 84lb blue Weim sitting on my recliner on me.  Technically he sees the recliner as ‘his’ since he prefers to curl up there whenever he can.  And since I was sitting there, what better time to exercise his demands? 

I’m definitely being bossed by the two four-legged critters in my house.  And you know what, it’s pretty dang awesome.


Turn Signals…or How I’m NOT a mindreader

20 Jan

We’ve all heard about defensive driving – you know, leave enough space between you and the car in front of you, be prepared to take evasive moves to avoid potholes, be able to stop in case a child or animal runs out in front of you…well, I’d like to add a new thing to the list of skills people should have.

Defensive Running.  Yes, that’s right.  Defensive Running. 

This means:

– Assume that drivers DONT see you – regardless of the reflective clothing / vests / headlamps / flashing lights and such that you wear.

– Always assume that drivers will turn toward you.  If your looking to cross the street, just figure that the car will turn at you – as if it’s a cruise missile with some sort of homing beacon fixed on you.

– Dusk is more dangerous than dawn to run.  Somehow the setting sun coincides with reduced brain activity amongst drivers.  This is dangerous for runners.

– Attention drivers – the turn signal is NOT a decoration – it’s an INDICATION.  Use it appropriately – this means if you are going to make a turn in the next mile, don’t leave it on until you’ve gone a mile and therefore made me guess which of the 12 side streets you’ve passed you’re going to turn onto.  ALSO, don’t expect me to mind-read what your next move will be.  I am a runner.  I streamline – which means leaving my crystal ball at home.  Which, now that I think of it, is probably safer for you.  Otherwise your idiotic driving  habits may compel me to smite you with the crystal ball. 

So please – I am a runner.  I run with my two dogs.  I wear day-glo green reflective jacket and my dogs wear reflective vests – and when our combined reflective gear is assessed,  we could be the landing crew at any airport.  I have a leash that flashes / strobes to better enable YOU to see US.  So please – use your turn signal.  Give me more than the concrete edge of the street to run in – hell, I’ll run on sidewalks when they’re available.  But please for the love of all things holy – use your motherf*cking turn signal.  I don’t want to be your hood ornament.

But perhaps people would better see you then….

Disasters in Dating…Round 2

14 Jan

So I went on a date to Target. 

(go get a paper towel and wipe off the computer monitor.  They get fussy when you spit your coffee up on them…)

You’re back now?  Fresh cup of coffee?  Good. 

So I had a blind date for this past Sunday and we were going to meet for coffee.  So he picked the coffee place and I met him there…except that didn’t happen precisely like that. 

He picked the place and got there before me.  Which is when he texted me to say that it wasn’t open and did I mind going to another Starbucks.  I text-while-driving  (eeek!) to say no, but let me know if I should get off at exit A or exit B.  He says to just meet him at the original location and we’ll go to the new place.  Ok says me. 

Except the new place was Target.  Where we sat for 1.75hrs to have coffee. 

I remarked on the way out that this had to be the first time that I’d ever been to Target and walked out without anything. 
So now I can say that in addition to the usual first dates locations, I’ve been to Target.

Happy New Year!

3 Jan

Jersey, Stanley and I would like to welcome you to 2011!


We don’t do resolutions because it’s too easy to break them but we do set goals and objectives for the new year.  Here are ours:


1) Keep work and play in better balance.

2) Make workouts as much fun as they are essential.

3) Manage money better.  Get out of the living paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

4) Continue the focus of getting into better shape.  Ignore the number on the scale or the size on the tag of the clothes.

5) Be grateful.


So now that we have our top 5 goals, it’s just a matter of putting them into action.  Since I have today off from work (hooray for stand-down!), I want to figure out what Jersey, Stanley and I are going to go do today.  Maybe a hike? Running on the beach? Whatever it is, we’re going to enjoy today!