Disasters in Dating…Round 2

14 Jan

So I went on a date to Target. 

(go get a paper towel and wipe off the computer monitor.  They get fussy when you spit your coffee up on them…)

You’re back now?  Fresh cup of coffee?  Good. 

So I had a blind date for this past Sunday and we were going to meet for coffee.  So he picked the coffee place and I met him there…except that didn’t happen precisely like that. 

He picked the place and got there before me.  Which is when he texted me to say that it wasn’t open and did I mind going to another Starbucks.  I text-while-driving  (eeek!) to say no, but let me know if I should get off at exit A or exit B.  He says to just meet him at the original location and we’ll go to the new place.  Ok says me. 

Except the new place was Target.  Where we sat for 1.75hrs to have coffee. 

I remarked on the way out that this had to be the first time that I’d ever been to Target and walked out without anything. 
So now I can say that in addition to the usual first dates locations, I’ve been to Target.


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