Turn Signals…or How I’m NOT a mindreader

20 Jan

We’ve all heard about defensive driving – you know, leave enough space between you and the car in front of you, be prepared to take evasive moves to avoid potholes, be able to stop in case a child or animal runs out in front of you…well, I’d like to add a new thing to the list of skills people should have.

Defensive Running.  Yes, that’s right.  Defensive Running. 

This means:

– Assume that drivers DONT see you – regardless of the reflective clothing / vests / headlamps / flashing lights and such that you wear.

– Always assume that drivers will turn toward you.  If your looking to cross the street, just figure that the car will turn at you – as if it’s a cruise missile with some sort of homing beacon fixed on you.

– Dusk is more dangerous than dawn to run.  Somehow the setting sun coincides with reduced brain activity amongst drivers.  This is dangerous for runners.

– Attention drivers – the turn signal is NOT a decoration – it’s an INDICATION.  Use it appropriately – this means if you are going to make a turn in the next mile, don’t leave it on until you’ve gone a mile and therefore made me guess which of the 12 side streets you’ve passed you’re going to turn onto.  ALSO, don’t expect me to mind-read what your next move will be.  I am a runner.  I streamline – which means leaving my crystal ball at home.  Which, now that I think of it, is probably safer for you.  Otherwise your idiotic driving  habits may compel me to smite you with the crystal ball. 

So please – I am a runner.  I run with my two dogs.  I wear day-glo green reflective jacket and my dogs wear reflective vests – and when our combined reflective gear is assessed,  we could be the landing crew at any airport.  I have a leash that flashes / strobes to better enable YOU to see US.  So please – use your turn signal.  Give me more than the concrete edge of the street to run in – hell, I’ll run on sidewalks when they’re available.  But please for the love of all things holy – use your motherf*cking turn signal.  I don’t want to be your hood ornament.

But perhaps people would better see you then….


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