Demanding Attention – Wordless Wednesday

26 Jan

There’s been a certain dog in a certain house who’s been rather bossy lately.

It started with this:

Hi. I'm here. Recognize.

And this – this wasn’t bad.  It was actually kind of cute and snuggly to have this guy come lay down in your lap and love you and you love him.

But then things changed.  Apparently I was slacking off at the attention-paying job.  He escalated his demands to the point where they could not be ignored. 

This happened last night and my brother-in-law graciously took a picture:

I will make it so you can't see anything but me


Yes, that’s an 84lb blue Weim sitting on my recliner on me.  Technically he sees the recliner as ‘his’ since he prefers to curl up there whenever he can.  And since I was sitting there, what better time to exercise his demands? 

I’m definitely being bossed by the two four-legged critters in my house.  And you know what, it’s pretty dang awesome.


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