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I’ll Accept your 3TT Challenge!

17 Feb

Taken from Ms. Katie’s blog: 

1) What do you think of Boston:

I think that I’ll never compete in Boston.  I will never be that fast – but that having been said, I think that for the folks that have trained and suffered to hit the 3:30 marathon should be given credit for working their ever living butts off.  But rules are rules.  And if the people that control Boston say that a 3:20 is now the minimum, then that’s the minimum.  My overall issue is that with the volume of people who have started running and are now attempting to train.  10 minutes doesn’t seem like a big deal to people who aren’t runners.  BUT IT IS.   10 minutes over the course of 26.2 miles, assuming that you can already maintain a roughly 8 minute/mile is a major test of strength, conditioning and overall physical capability. 

I will never run Boston.  I’m happy if I can maintain 10min/miles for my half marathons.  And you know what, I’m ok with it.  I love running and the time it gives me to spend with my dogs.

Question 2: “Why do you hate puppies”

I will inflict the pain of dog pictures on you…here:

And finally question 3:  Faster = Smarter?

Answer:  Hardly.  persistance + dedication + honesty = Happiness.

And for me my equation works out like this:  Kick ass, amazing women as friends + crazy but completely mine dogs + warmer weather = one happy me.


I’ve done it this time

9 Feb

Meaning torked my ankle off enough that I’ve been in a brace for a week, have a walking boot at home (because I refuse to wear it to the office) and am going to physical therapy. 

I have run ONE time since I pissed off my ankle by tripping on a root during a gorgeous 70 degree day.  And the one time I did run on it – even with the brace on it – it swelled up like a grapefruit.  Well maybe not as big as a grapefruit, but definitely persimmon sized.  

And I have a 14K on Saturday – the second to last J&A Racing Series race – it’s a good race (a little loop-y for my tastes but it’s closer to home) and if I get this run in AND the Shamrock 1/2 marathon – I will have completed the Series.  I didn’t run 10Miles in friggin freezing weather to fail.

Oh yeah…and I have day shift EMS on Friday and Sunday.  So no really good reason why my ankle should be tender right??

And a new job that starts on Monday.