I’ve done it this time

9 Feb

Meaning torked my ankle off enough that I’ve been in a brace for a week, have a walking boot at home (because I refuse to wear it to the office) and am going to physical therapy. 

I have run ONE time since I pissed off my ankle by tripping on a root during a gorgeous 70 degree day.  And the one time I did run on it – even with the brace on it – it swelled up like a grapefruit.  Well maybe not as big as a grapefruit, but definitely persimmon sized.  

And I have a 14K on Saturday – the second to last J&A Racing Series race – it’s a good race (a little loop-y for my tastes but it’s closer to home) and if I get this run in AND the Shamrock 1/2 marathon – I will have completed the Series.  I didn’t run 10Miles in friggin freezing weather to fail.

Oh yeah…and I have day shift EMS on Friday and Sunday.  So no really good reason why my ankle should be tender right??

And a new job that starts on Monday.


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