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When I become a Manager

21 Jul

Wait – I’ve already been one…but anyways…when I become a manager I will not:

  1. Walk in and ask ‘did you see the email I sent you’ moments after I sent it.
  2. Check the ‘To’ line of an email to see if the right people are there. If it’s that critical and I only have the names, I’ll do it myself.
  3. Hit people up with work seconds after they arrive at work
  4. Treat experienced people like small children
  5. Tell experienced people that I need to read their emails before I send them.  Again, if it’s that sensitive or critical, I will do it.  OR let them do it.  It’s a learning experience.


I am damn near wishing I hadn’t left my old job.  At least then I might have been insulted regularly, but I could send emails without someone quite literally taking me out of my chair to see if all the names on the “To” list matched the names on a spreadsheet.


Damn, I hate when that happens!

6 Jul

I hate when those MAJOR BRIDGE TUNNELS JUST JUMP OUT AT YOU!  It’s only been there for 10+ years.  S’all I’m saying.  It’s like NOT NEW or anything!!!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel lanes reopen after barges hit bridge

Crews are assessing damage after two barges hit a trestle at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Tom Anderson, deputy director of the bridge-tunnel, says the trestle was struck around 6:20 a.m. Monday. He says one barge was carrying rocks and the other was carrying heavy equipment.

Anderson told WVEC he believes the weekend storms caused the barges to lose anchorage and they were swept into the trestle.

All lanes in the bridge-tunnel have reopened, said spokeswoman Debbie Cooley. No information about why the barges hit the bridge-tunnel were immediately available.

The bridge-tunnel connects Virginia’s Eastern Shore with the mainland at Virginia Beach.

No injuries were reported.